Covid-19 Alert Level 4


Covid-19 Alert Level 4

We are now in Alert Level 4, which means we’re all in lockdown either working from home or waiting to get back to work. We thought we’d update you on what Alert Level 4 looks like for us at Betta Asbestos Consultancy. 

Due to the nature of the business, our Betta Asbestos Consultancy team will not be providing their services during Alert Level 4. However, our customer services team is operating from home to ensure they can help you with any queries you may have or bookings you’d like to make for the future.

You might be thinking what does this mean for you? If you need to book in one of our asbestos services, or reschedule, then our team are here to help you do just that. If you had a booking this week, you should have heard from someone from the team by now to reschedule this. 

At Betta Asbestos Consultancy we take health and safety very seriously. Assuming the rules are the same as last time, our team will be allowed to provide you with their services as soon as we go into Alert Level 3. 

We feel that we hold not only a moral, but social responsibility to ensure that the potential spread of covid-19 is minimized and that both our team and the public are always kept safe. Below outlines the precautions our team need to follow to inspect under Alert Level 3:

  • We will confirm that no one living, leasing or working on/in the property is currently in isolation due to covid-19
  • We will confirm that no one living, leasing or working on/in the property has been in contact with anyone with covid-19
  • We will confirm that no one living, leasing or working on/in the property has been sick with flu like symptoms in the last two weeks
  • We will request that no one else is present during the time of services i.e. the Betta Asbestos Consultancy team member is the only person on the property during the survey.

We will request access to be gained via one of the following methods:

  1. Meeting someone onsite to unlock the property. Our Betta Asbestos Consultancy team member is to wait in their car until the person providing access either calls them via phone or provides confirmation of access via a signal. At no point in time is our team member to be within two metres of the person providing access. This is our preferred method
  2. Picking up keys and dropping them back from a mutually agreed location
  • We will conduct all services while wearing standard asbestos surveying PPE
  • We will not touch any furniture, possessions or any other structure or chattel while surveying the property.  
  • We will sanitize all our tools, including their phones or tablets, on exiting the property. 
  • We will sanitize our hands prior to and immediately after we have conducted your services. 

At no time will our team operate outside of the above rules. These rules are set for the safety of our team as well as you. We believe that the above steps ensure we can provide an effective means to operate safely.