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Asbestos Air Quality Monitoring & Removal Management

If you are removing or altering asbestos, don’t risk a fine or potential health effects, get your asbestos managed properly. Air monitoring will determine if harmful asbestos fibres are being released into the environment.

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Understand what air monitoring is

Asbestos air monitoring is undertaken when asbestos is altered or removed. When asbestos is touched it can release harmful airborne fibres. Airborne asbestos fibres are generally the most dangerous, so it is critical that these are managed correctly. To do this the air needs to be monitored for quality during the periods it is being handled.

Air quality monitoring and removal management gives you certainty that when you are handling asbestos, harmful fibres will be contained.

Betta Reports will :

  • Document the process and quality of the air during times of removal.
  • Produce written confirmation that the air quality was maintained during periods of monitoring.
  • Be completed by an IP402 trained asbestos consultant.
  • Be completed with absolute independence to ensure you are protected.
  • Be completed with your best interests in mind and in accordance with Worksafe’s best practice guidelines.

If you are considering buying any house or investment property or have a tenanted property, a Betta Report will give you the certainty that there is not a meth issue with the property. Don’t let you, your family or tenants suffer the side effects from a meth contaminated house.

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Betta reporting.

A Betta report is comprehensive yet easy to understand. It is professional, accurate and ensures compliance with information that is.

  • Common sense and is easy to understand.
  • Using photographs to help explain outcomes.
  • Easy to understand commentary with limited technical jargon.
  • Using full results outlined and supportive evidence given.

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