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Asbestos Testing

Are you aware of the health dangers associated with Asbestos? Are you a business owner, landlord, PCBU, property owner or in a position where you are required to identify and manage asbestos? If so, then getting your potential asbestos tested will determine with certainty whether the product tested contains asbestos or not. Testing for asbestos will remove any doubt.

How to test for Asbestos

The only definitive way to determine if a product has an asbestos containing material is to take physical samples and send it to an independent laboratory for testing. To take a physical sample means removing a scrapping, core drilling piece, or a solid portion of material from a building. Depending on the material multiple samples may need to be taken, however an inspector will need to determine this onsite. Once physical samples are taken it is important that the samples are sealed, and the area is left safe. A Betta report will definitively tell you if asbestos is present or not.

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Asbestos Testing ensures everyone is kept safe from any potential health effects associated with asbestos

Since the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work regulations 2016 (Asbestos) all PCBUs are required by law to identify and manage asbestos appropriately. Part of the regulations is the identification of asbestos. To identify and determine asbestos you need to test it. If you have a property and are worried that a potential ACM (Asbestos containing material) is affecting you or your family’s health, or you are renovating and need to understand if a product contains asbestos, then give us a call.

Betta Asbestos Testing:

  • All samples are tested by an IANZ Accredited lab.
  • Is completed with complete independence to ensure you are protected.
  • Is undertaken by industry trained testing agents.
  • The areas where samples have been removed are sealed after testing to ensure you and your family do not suffer any potential health implications from the removal of the sample.
  • Reports are easy to read (simple yes/no answers).
  • Are compiled with you and your family in mind.

For independent advice call us on 0800 422 387 or book an inspection online.

Betta reporting.

Our reports are comprehensive yet easy to understand:

  • Simple yes/no answers.
  • Common sense and easy to read report.
  • Photographs of sample locations, samples and sealing.
  • Easy to understand commentary with limited technical jargon.

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