NZs largest asbestos consultancy

Betta Asbestos Consultancy has over 50 inspectors nationwide. A range of our inspectors are IP402 qualified and provide services from the very top of the North Island to the very bottom of the South Island (and the occasional further afield island).

Asbestos seems to be a rather big topic in New Zealand at the moment. We find that many people don’t know what it is, where it could be located or even who is responsible for the safety of everyone at the property. Due to so much confusion out there, we thought it was best to put together what we like to call our asbestos guide. This asbestos guide will educate you on what the law says about asbestos, who is responsible for it, and what you need to do about it.

The below video is a brief introduction to our asbestos guide which can be found by clicking this link on our website. You can also order a free hard copy by emailing

If you have any further information you’d like to know about asbestos or our asbestos services, please get in touch on 0800 422 387.

Our Asbestos Guide